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School Information

There are several school systems and districts in the area as well as private schools.


Lafayette Elementary School

950 Moraga Rd | 925.927.3570 |

Happy Valley Elementary

3855 Happy Valley Rd | 925.927.3560 |

Burton Valley

561 Merriewood Dr | 925.927.3550 |

Stanley Middle

3455 School St | 925.927.3530 |

Acalanes Union High

1212 Pleasant Hill Rd | 925.280.3900 |



Donald L. Rheem Elementary

90 Laird Dr | 925.376.4441 |

Los Perales Elementary

22 Wakefield Dr | 925.631.0105 |

Camino Pablo Elementary

1540 School St | 925.376.4435 |

Joaquin Moraga Intermediate

1010 Camino Pablo | 925.376.7206 |

Campolindo High

300 Moraga Rd | 925.280.3950 |



Wagner Ranch Elementary

350 Camino Pablo | 925.258.0016 |

Sleepy Hollow Elementary

20 Washington Ln | 925.254.8711 |

Del Rey Elementary

25 El Camino | 925.258.3099 |

Glorietta Elementary

15 Martha Rd | 925.254.0521 |

Orinda Intermediate Middle

80 Ivy Dr | 925.258.3090 |
Miramonte High

750 Moraga Way | 925.280.3930 |


School Finder

Your neighborhood high school is based on your street address. Please click on the link below to find your designated school:

School Digger is a national website with public school rankings in grades K-12 based on yearly test scores supplied by the Georgia Department of Education. Test Scores included in the rankings are CRCT Reading, CRCT English Language Arts, CRCt Math, CRCT, Science and CRCT Social Studies. In addition to rankings, the site includes school and district boundaries and student/teacher ratios.

Great Schools is a non-profit organization that provides a quick look at public, public charter and private schools in grades preK-12 in your area. The ratings are based on test scores and other data including student growth and college readiness. In addition, the site includes more than one million reviews from parents, teachers and students sharing information about the schools.

Private School Review is a national website providing detailed profiles of private day schools and their surrounding communities. The site evaluates schools relative to each other and to state-wide private school averages for several key criteria such as teacher to student ratios.

The National Center for Educational Stats (NCES), is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education.